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Does Medicare Pay for Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters?

Does Medicare Pay for Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters?

If you’re a senior shopping for a wheelchair or mobility scooter, then you’re probably wondering whether Medicare will cover all or some of the cost. After all, both are investments in your health and, in many cases, are necessary for continued mobility as you age. The short answer is: yes, they can cover it under Part B, but not in all cases. To find out whether you qualify to have the cost coveted, you’ll have to talk to your doctor. Read on to find out more.

As is the case with anything healthcare related, your doctor will be the best resource available for getting Medicare to pay for your wheelchair or scooter. The reason for this is because since these items are more expensive than, say, medication, and used for specific reasons, the insurance carrier will want to know that your need has been accurately diagnosed before it covers the expense.

So, if you’re looking to get a wheelchair or mobility scooter and want Medicare to cover it, bring the conversation up with your doctor first. They will go through the proper procedure to assess you and then let the insurance carrier know that you have a need. Your doctor may also need to issue a Letter of Medical Necessity to inform them of this.

Either way, without your doctor’s approval and prescription, Medicare will be less likely to issue a reimbursement.

Approval is not guaranteed, but if you receive it, you may be able to get that wheelchair with at least some portion of the cost covered by Medicare Part B or your Medicare Advantage plan.

Unfortunately, The Senior Wellness Store is unable to participate in this process as we are unable to speak to Medicare on your behalf or issue any prescriptions or Letters of Medical Necessity. Remember: always talk to your doctor first! They can help with so many things.

When you’re ready to buy that wheelchair or scooter, though, feel free to shop the store and ask us for any help you might need!

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